Things Guys Should NEVER Wear

Fashion’s hard to follow and style isn’t something that always comes naturally. I guess it’s understandable that men – sometimes the cutest men – have no idea how to dress themselves.

Presentation is important. While looks aren’t everything, you should try to make an effort to at least make yourself look somewhat presentable on a day to day basis. All this means is that even if you lack style you should still make an effort and avoid these fashion don’ts at all cost.

Below I’ve listed several things men should never wear no matter what. Even if you’re the least stylish person you know, the least you can do is purge all of these items from your everyday wardrobe.

1. Fedoras
I don’t care if you prefer calling it a trilby, you need to get rid of that thing. Fedoras are the number one sign of an undatable man. If you don’t want to automatically be blacklisted by every girl on the planet, get rid of your fedoras or anything that resembles a fedora.

This includes their beachy straw cousins. Unless you’re Jason Mraz or painfully Euro, burn the straw fedora. Just do it. I promise you’ll actually have a chance of getting laid once they’re gone.

2. The “My Parents Have Money” Outfit
Cool, dude. We get it. You’re in a frat. But do you really need to wear pastel Chubbies, boat shoes, and a polo at all times? No. No, you don’t. Everyone will be afraid to touch you because they’re worried your Daddy will sue. And girls will mooch off you thinking that you bathe in money.

Unless, you want to broadcast that you’re a tool to the world, stay away from this terrible combo.

3. Basketball Shorts Beyond the Court
Your oversized, lucky bball shorts don’t belong anywhere but in the gym. There are better ways to dress sporty and casual. I mean athleisure is huge right now. But you really don’t need to be wearing the same clothes to work and everywhere else.

You don’t look sporty and athletic, you just look lazy and probably smell like a locker room.

Invest in a pair of fancy joggers if you want to stay comfy without looking like a scrub.

4. Cargo Pants
Are you climbing a mountain? Are you going on a 6-day backpacking expedition? Are you a boy scout?

If you answered no to these questions you have no excuse to be wearing cargo shorts right now. Cargo shorts make you look like a little boy ready to earn his first merit badge. I know the pockets are convenient, but do you really need that many every single day? Be thankful that men’s jeans actually have pockets at all, because most of the time women’s pockets are fake.

5. Old Man Sketchers
No. Just no. If you’re wondering why no one wants to talk to you, let alone date you, look down and see if it’s because you have chunky grandpa sneakers on. If your shoes can be mistaken as Sketchers, you’re doing something very wrong.

There are plenty of Nikes and Adidas that are both fashionable and offer great arch support. So why are you running around in moon shoes? I’m appalled.

Just throw them out. Throw all your grandpa shoes out right now and go barefoot to Footlocker. They will help you.

6. 5 Toed Shoes
Speaking of weird shoes…
Please tell me you’re not wearing these. You shouldn’t be wearing these even if you’re an expert outdoorsy, mountain man.

No one needs to be reminded how long and weird your toes are.

7. Ed Hardy Anything
Ew. If you’re still wearing Ed Hardy, I’m questioning your character. There is nothing more unappealing than a guy decked out in Ed Hardy’s weird brand of bedazzled man clothing.

Unless you’re Elton John or another queen, you should not have bling on your pants. Honestly, women shouldn’t either. Leave the bedazzled pants to Lady Gaga, please and thank you.

Learn more about what guys should not wear from the video below!