5 Worst Things About Having A Fuckbuddy

As convenient and exciting as having a fuck buddy sounds, that isn’t always the case. There are so many other factors that go into this kind of relationship that often cause more stress than it does relief, which defeats the whole person of having a friend that you simply use to orgasm.
Before you settle for a fuck buddy make sure you take all of these things into consideration.

1. Always Being Prepared:

The whole fuck buddy system can be a schedule or a more random type of thing where the only thing separating you from a night full of wild sex is one text message. Within that span of time you need to make sure your place is decent, you’re not a hair wildebeest, and you have enough condoms to last you the night.

Being prepared and always ready to get down can be exhausting and always have you on the tip of your toes. Obviously, you can politely decline their offer, but that defeats the purpose of being able to text someone just for sex, to which they might start relying on another fuck buddy that’s a little more reliable.

2. Higher Chance of STD:

Chances are if your fuck buddy is completely okay with keeping it casual, you’re not the only person they’re keeping it casual with. There are things as back up fuck buddies and guarantee they send out a plethora of texts to various sexy contacts in hope for one response, giving them the happy ending they want.

Unless they explicitly say that they only see you, which is highly unlikely, I would assume that you’re just another name on their fuck buddy roster. To take extra precaution besides birth control, make sure you’re always using a condom because you don’t know what people your fuck buddy is sleeping with and if they’re staying protected.

3. Likely To Get Attached:

A big part of emotional attachment comes from the sexual interaction that is inevitable. I know it’s easy to say that it is a casual hookup with no strings attached, but there is always one person that has a hard time keeping it that way.

Chances are someone will start to develop feelings and either act on it or stop the entire thing because it’s getting too serious for them on their end. Either way, it’s hard to have a mutual understanding of this meaningless sexual relationship for long.



4.Overlapping Schedules:

As convenient as this whole situation should be, sometimes it’s harder to set aside time to fuck because life happens. Even if you have your work schedule and extracurricular activities down, there can be so many more distractions and plans that you haven’t taken into consideration before putting together this picture perfect plan.

If you’re both master planners of finding the right time and place weekly to meet, then you should have no problem fucking on the regular, but otherwise, it might be more of a hassle to make time when you realize you have different daily routines.

5. Doesn’t Last Long:

This whole set up doesn’t usually last long because either someone is waiting for some sort of commitment, sexual attraction lessens or the entire rendezvous is an inconvenience. It’s impossible for two human beings to stay perfectly okay with no further sort of appeal either leading to a relationship or going separate ways. ┬áThats why some dating sites have dedicated their mission to providing the best way to meet new fuck buddies – if you’re looking for one of these sites then check out meetbang.com which is probably the fastest way to find a new fuckbuddy.
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